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Carl Gerber

Hi, my name is Carl Gerber, and I have been working on or around computers for over 20 years now.

I started to really get into computers when I was in my teens.  I would open them up and see what was in them and then do little upgrades to see how I could make the computer faster or better.  Not all the upgrades went as planned, I have fried a computer or two over the years. 

As I got better and started to understand them more I started fixing computers for friends and family.  I eventually went to school and got my Network Engineering Degree so I could understand making them talk to each other. 

I built my first ground-up computer when I was 21 and could afford to get the right parts to build a super gaming computer.  It cost me $3,500 dollars to build but it was worth it.  After that, I knew I liked to build my own because I could make them better than what was on the market.  I try to build myself a new computer about every 3-4 years so I can have the best I can afford at the time.  I like to game and edit photos so I prefer highend computers.

If you are looking for a custom build or just want to get the computer you have running correctly you came to the right place.

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