Virus Removal

Here at Carl the Computer Guy we strive to keep your computer free and clean of Viruses, Spam and Pop ups.


Steps To Take When You’ve Got a Virus

When you get a virus on your computer it is never a good experience.  Contact us for your computer virus removal.  We work with you to make sure we can remove the virus with the least amount of data loss or computer damage.  We will come to you and work on your computer.  This way you are down for the least amount of time possible.

When you get a virus, the first thing you want to do is disconnect from the internet.  This will help prevent any further connection to the source on the web.  Then you want to disconnect any removable storage from the computer.  This includes Flash Drives, External Drives, DVDs and CDs.

Now you want to run your antivirus program so it can try to remove the virus for you.  If it finds it and cleans everything then you are set to go.  If you still have issues or suspect the computer is still compromised then you want to give us a call to clean the computer for you. 

Disconnect from the internet

Remove all removable drives

Run your anti virus software scans

Call us to make sure the virus is removed


Preventing Viruses

The easiest way to prevent viruses on your computer is to make sure you have a good antivirus program and that it is up to date and running. Antivirus programs are usually a yearly subscription.  You can find free options but we believe you get what you pay for.  We suggest using bitdefender.  If you are looking for a low cost option the best option is either ESET or Webroot.

This however does not guarantee that you will not get any viruses.  In these cases it is always a good idea to have a back up of your data.  We suggest using a cloud backup of some sort, we recommend  Contact us today to find simple ways to keep your data backed up and safe.


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