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Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Cracked Laptop screens, bad Hard Drives or maybe you need help upgrading your computer.  We are here to help.

Web Hosting and Design

Need help hosting your website or starting one.  Click to get started with your Web Hosting and Web Design.

Spyware and Virus Removal

Slow computer?  Things missing or just look weird. You probably have a virus. Let us clean your PC and get you back up and running.

Network Design

Have a home or business you need to connect to the internet.  Let us design your system for maximum benefit.  We will make sure your network covers your whole house or business.

Backup Plan

Do you have thousands of pictures on your computer that you would hate to lose?  Let us help you put a Backup Plan in place.

Cyber Security

Let us take a look at your security and make sure you are protected.  We check your firewalls and password policies to keep you safe.  For more information read How to Stay Safe on the Internet

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Not sure which computer or TV to buy.  We can help you get the best deal in your budget.  Don’t let the salesman up sale you out of your comfort zone.  We are here for all your in home technical needs.  Just give us a call so we can get you the right device for your needs.

How to Install A New Printer

Want to know which printer to buy? Need help installing a printer? This is an easy to follow checklist.

How to Set Up Your Laptop As A Desktop

Do you have a laptop and wish you had a bigger screen sometimes?  Do you usually use it at a desk?  Want a better keyboard than what is on your laptop? I am going to show you how to set up your Laptop as a Desktop. What you will need to set up your laptop to function...

How to Change Your Windows 10 Password

Do you need to change your password for your computer?  This is something I suggest everyone do at least once a year. This will help with hacking and refresh your security measures. Follow these steps below. If You Remember Your Password Windows 10 has gotten better...

How to Stay Safe on the Internet

Want to know how to keep your computer safe from online threats? Need to know what is safe and what is a scam? This will give you the knowledge you need.

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Clean Up Your Computer Do you have a slow computer?   Are you able to make a cup of coffee before the computer starts up?  Would you like to know how to speed up your computer so it will run at its optimal? To help speed up your computer follow the following steps to:...

How Old Is Too Old For A Computer?

Computer Life Span: Fix It or Replace It Wondering if your computer is too old for today's world? Consider this, most computers these days only last about 4-6 years. If your computer is older than that it's a dinosaur and probably running really slow.  Seems...

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What People Are Saying

Quick, Honest, Trustworthy! He was able to fix what the online IT couldn’t fix this morning with their own server and software!! Highly recommend Carl!!!!
Tonya Hanks

Strasburg Vet Clinic

the best tech help around. knowledgeable, honest and helpful.
Joe Runstrom

Byers, CO

Carl has great computer knowledge. Always helpful & very reasonable to work with.
Erica Goodman

Carl is the best computer guy I’ve ever had. He’s supported my business for 5 years. He’s honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and responsive. He regularly tunes up our computers and gives great support throughout the year. If you are looking for someone who you can build a relationship with and will give you top notch service, choose Carl!
Laura Houser

Red Dog

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