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Have you ever gotten an email that said you bought something or were charged for something that you know you didn’t do? Those are what we call spam emails. You need to keep an eye out to make sure that you don’t get caught by these scams.

I have been seeing more of these popping up. They are good at selling you the information. They want to scare you or make you mad so that when you call them you are not in the right frame of mind and they can talk you out of the information or money that they are looking for.

Whenever you get these emails you can open them but do not click on any attachments or links. What you are looking for is who did it come from. As you will see in the video you want to check the actual email to make sure it is from the company that they say it is.
Unfortunately they can change the name that you see but the behind the scenes email is what you want to look for.

Also look for any misspellings. The companies that would be sending you legit emails spend time spell checking and making sure the email is written well and in good English.

Please watch this short video to see what you are looking for when you are seeing these new forms of Scams.